January 18, 2021

English Essa

Working on English Essay Topics Specific Features of English Essay Topics

The students, who have dealt with English essays , should know that this type of the essay concerns English language and literature. So, if the professor asks you to write English /essay it means that you have to research either a certain aspect of the language or literary work of English writers. In general, the variety of English essay topics is great, among them can be topics about famous literary works of Daniel Defoe, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, William Shakespeare, George Byron, Robert Burns, Thomas Moore, etc.

All English topics are very interesting and catching, but the task for each student is to find the best one and demonstrate all necessary skills of a good English essay writer and researcher.

Despite of the fact that masterpieces of well known English writers have already been investigated, every student of any higher educational institution has the right to research it once more and, perhaps, find some interesting and new facts that has not been noticed yet.

English essay topics may concern the whole English literary work or only a part of it, that is why it is necessary to grasp the whole plot, choose and investigate the section that is the most significant to the topic the writer is concerned with, and make all necessary notes that may help in the process of the writing.

In case when the students has some interesting ideas concerning the chosen English essay topics it is very important to find relevant information from the literary work, from different sources and support it with strong and clear arguments (claims, evidence, and assumptions); produce a well-grounded literature review. Different methods of research will be of great use.

So far as essay writing is an ability of the writer to show how to organize his thoughts, it is very important to unite main points of view and arguments logically and consistently; otherwise the reader will entangle in the content of the paper, wont be satisfied with the research paper, and wont accept the perspective of the writer. It is only because the arguments do not have rationality and sense.

The content of the English essay as well as of the other types of essay (argumentative essay, animal farm essay , persuasive essay, classification essay, critical analysis essay , cause and effect essay and others) is stated in the introduction-body-conclusion format. The succession of this type clarifies the material of the topic and makes comprehension easier; it will not lead to confusion.

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